Recruitment at Its Finest

      We have had the best recruitment season in Iota History, resulting in the acceptance of 23 new members, in comparison to previous years, with an average of 11 men.  We by no means sacrificed quality for quantity for our 116th pledge class.  To the contrary, we raised the bar of expectations for all future new members.  This pledge class knows how to have fun and maintain great academics.  We expect great things from these guys in the future, making our house on campus a place everyone wants to go to, whether it is to study for a big exam or to have a great time making new friends. 

     Many people have asked me, "How did this happen? How did Pskies (campus name) have the biggest pledge class in Stevens Greek Life, even bigger than the sororities, which typically have twice out members?"  We used the principles our founding fathers set forth when establishing our great fraternity: Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character.  Iota's scholarship chair, Jeremy Roche, set up reviews for freshmen exams so we could find the students who valued their education at Stevens.  Our social chair, Valentino Ivezaj, threw great events, showing how exciting it is to be brother of Phi Sigma Kappa. Anton Yevelev and Timothy Choma have made great strides to show that we do care about community service and have the ability to hold great fundraising campaigns.  As recruitment chair, I was able to host events to help freshmen make friends with each other and the brotherhood.  My recruitment committee helped plan and run events throughout the year to keep us on track with recruitment.  

     I am by no means the smartest or the most outgoing person in my chapter, I'm just one brother with a family that supports me in my endeavors.  Without the collaboration of my chapter members, we would not have exceeded our goal of finding 20 outstanding men who share similar values.  Every brother can make a difference, and I appreciate them greatly.  Thank you, Iota, for  making the last year of my college career the best.


Damn Proud, Zachary Buecher '15

Recruitment Chair